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The 10 Richest Women in the World

rich women

Can you name the wealthiest people on Earth? Likely, names including Bill Gates and Warren Buffet come to mind, but how many women could you name? If the answer is not many, you’re not alone. The fact is, there are some immensely powerful and wealthy women in the world, many of them living under-the-radar and out of the public’s eye.

Just like the world’s wealthiest men, the world’s richest women have acquired their fortunes through a variety of means. Many came to their wealth through inheritance, either marrying into it or receiving it from a dying parent or grandparent. Others have built successful businesses, or even used incredibly wise investing strategies. Still others simply took some powerful initiative and climbed the corporate ladder, starting from relatively simple means and vaulting to the top of the food chain.

We’re going to take a brief look at the world’s top 10 wealthiest women, as researched and compiled by Forbes in 2014. Naturally, this list is set to change and be updated with every passing year, but as of right now, these women occupy the top spots.

Read on to see the world’s 10 richest women.

10. Johanna Quandt

With a net worth of $12.8 billion, Johanna Quandt cracks the world’s top 10. If you have never heard of Quandt, you’re not alone. She came to prominence by working for, and eventually marrying, Herbert Quandt, who was a German industrialist who took over BMW and saved it from bankruptcy. She still holds a significant chunk of BMW stock and sits on the company’s supervisory board. Her husband died in in 1982, leaving his money to Johanna and their two children.

9. Laurene Powell Jobs

The widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, Laurene Powell Jobs sits atop a fortune worth $14 billion. Jobs is incredibly well-educated, having received degrees from both the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University, and has also put her entrepreneurial skills to work by founding Emerson Collective and College Track, both of which work toward bettering education. Jobs is also the largest single shareholder of Disney stock, which has helped boost her net worth considerably.

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