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Top 10 Tips for Women In Business

women business

Having worked now for over two decades with women and organizations on gender diversity culture, what I have witnessed are many fabulously wonderful, feisty, smart and talented women who are not where they should be in terms of their career. There are a number of reasons for this. One: a lot of women believe they need to sacrifice their femininity in order to achieve their goals in a ‘man’s world.’ Two: a lot of women are far more likely to hold themselves back and allow a false sense of ‘not being good enough’ to get in the way of their magnificence. Three: some women are still locked within the cultural and societal label of the ‘working mother.’ I have a question: Why in the 21st Century are we still only using the term ‘working mother’ and not including the term ‘working father?’

Of course companies have a duty and responsibility to the women they employ to ensure they have the correct and fair policies, practices and culture in place to be fully supportive of everyone. But, here’s the thing. Women have a responsibility too. Have a responsibility to step out from the shadow of our ego and step into the spotlight of our magnificence and shine. We have a responsibility to all the women who have gone before us and to all the women following on behind us.

So, here are my top ten tips for women in business – whether you work as an employee or run your own company. Collectively we have the power to make the changes and shifts in mind set that are crucial for the sustainability and health of all companies now and in the future, but we can only do that if we truly own and take responsibility for our lives and our magnificence.

Number One – Who are you?

Ensure you are really clear about your skills and talents. People can only respond to us dependant on the messages we give them. If you are not clear on what you are brilliant at, how can you communicate that to other people? People want to have confidence and trust in our abilities, first that confidence and trust has to come from inside of us.
Know your values in life and ensure you live by them. Nothing is likely to cause more stress in your life than living incongruently with your values. Really go deep inside and write down what is important to you in life, then look at how you live and make any adjustments necessary to live authentically.

Number Two – Be aware of your head tapes

Start to be consciously aware of what you say when you talk to yourself, as you may well get in your own way far more than anyone else will. Most people talk to themselves aggressively and find it hard, verging on the impossible, to be kind to themselves and congratulate themselves on a being a great person.
Learn how to delete and neutralize any negative messages. Write them down – get them out of your head and really question yourself: where did these messages and beliefs come from? Remember, you were not born with these beliefs about yourself, so any thoughts you have, you have acquired during your life. If you possess any beliefs that are not supportive of you and your future, delete them and re-record positive replacements.

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Bridget Neethling