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Women In Engineering – Our Goals For The Future

We believe that for business in South Africa to progress and thrive on the international platform, that the progress of females within the engineering profession must be prioritised. South Africa has long been a resource based economy with great agricultural potential. Both industries rely on continuing process improvements by engineers. Innovation is at the heart of this mission.

Our International Focus

We want to equip South African female engineers to outperform their competitors globally. With this in mind, limitations posed by geographic and economic constraints have been met and overcome.

The Benefits of Citizenship By Investment

Well it is indeed true that time is money and this method offers one to lawfully acquire an alternative citizenship without having to make significant life changes or lose too much time. Besides residency, there are additional perks such as free visa travel, 100% real estate investment, government bonds, dual citizenship, being exempt from language skills, interviews and medical tests. These benefits however vary from one programme to another but each participating country involved in the citizenship by investment programme offers an attractive package.

How it is Acquired

Citizenship by Investment is generally done by professional law firms that follow the mandates of the govenment of the various countries concerned. These agencies are competent enough to advise individuals on matters of citizenship law, immigration law and visa policy. It is however necessary to ensure that the agency is credible since with the rise of technology and the information age there may be fraudulent agencies. However, once thorough research is done, you may begin the process and be on your way to becoming a citizen.

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